Dear Potential Client,

I’d like to explain why Hippo Loco exists…

Hosting Master Internet has been providing Full Service Business Hosting for well over 12 years now.  But more and more we have been hearing the clients ask for a cheaper price.  Wait, let me clarify something here, not our current clients, not the clients who have been with us for years and years, but rather the potential customer much like yourself,  who have been sucked up into the Godaddy, Blue Host, Gator or any other company offering hosting for pennies on the dollar gimmicks and tricks.  It’s not that you can get a better deal else where that bothered us, because if you can truly get a better deal, then you truly should be in fact getting that deal, because we would!

No what got our attention was the invitation for a cheap price:

  1. Packages at higher prices with wording that influenced the client to buy because somehow that package was better than the cheaper one, but it wasn’t.
  2. Domain renewals inside the grace period and clients paying recovery fees where the domain was as I said in grace not recovery.
  3. Penalties for exceeding limits during the development stage..   Another words, being sold 5 gallons of gas, just before a trip out of state and then having to pay a tow truck for driving fuel out when it should have been known upfront there wasn’t enough..   Then not reducing the heavier priced account to a cheap price again when the work was done, like still charging for a tow truck after the trip is over.
  4. Registering domains in the companies name rather than the clients ownership, basic hostage situation.
  5. there is more..

We figured, if we got you to come in our door with our cheap price, understanding the difference is in service, then you could choose what you needed, cheap was fine or to move to Full Service with HMI.  But it’s your choice and not a gimmick.