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Whatever you want to call it, just don’t call us crazy?  In reality, cheap hosting is not for everyone…  For instance, let’s say you own a company with 5 employees or more and they need help setting up email on their cell phones.  Do you have time to deal with their questions or do you want to trust your security to a support team in India?  Honestly, in this situation you are far wiser to buy full service hosting at Hosting Master Internet our parent company, where full service starts at $20 a month.

Then who is cheap hosting for???   Are you starting your own business and capital is in short supply?  Do you not need help setting up email or don’t need email at all?  Do you want door way websites but don’t with to pay the cost of support to go with them?  There are many good reasons to buy a cheap hosted plan.  The only question now is, do you have the right supplier for cheap hosting?

Hippo Loco started with one idea in mind, all the money we would make off of cheap hosting…  Ok, then I guess it was two ideas then, we where tired of seeing other cheap hosts take our clients and then change the plan structures and rules so that the clients fell at their mercy.  Cheap hosting there for was no longer cheap and clients no longer got true full service.

If you want a true affordable hosting price, then take a simple hosting account at Hippo Loco where it will cost you truly only $8 a month as long as you have auto payments to us, that’s all you will pay.