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Some point in your life, you’ve tried a Little Caesar Pizza or you buy them daily because they’re passable for $5. Obviously cheap pizzas work, Little Caesar sells them in the millions and some people really do buy pizzas daily, but not everyone. AND there are thousands of pizza Parlors who without argument produce a better product than Little Caesar. Better Tasting? Better Ingredients? Cooked Better? Better Pricing on pizzas that ARE NOT pepperoni ONLY? Even better service right? But what to expect for $5?

I myself buy cheap pepperoni pizzas for my family, they like pepperoni and they are not big on multi-item pies. For myself, Caesar’s doesn’t excite me ever since I’ve changed my diet to follow Kosher Laws, and quite eating pork. Besides Little Caesars is stupid about their special, you can get a $5 cheese or a $5 pepperoni pizza but no substitutions, trust me I’ve pulled the Kosher Card and it didn’t work! So sure Little Caesars does a cheap $5 pepperoni good, but what about a beef topping and mushrooms, start with cheese for $5 add two $1 ingredients and you’re at $7 for a pizza everyone else calls a medium and it’s barley covered, in fact I’ve seen women in bikinis at the beach that where better covered. Try Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s and their specials run from $7 medium to $11 Large 4 items up to 10 items so why would anyone get something more than a $5 pizza from Little Caesars?

Presenting Hippo Loco $8 a month Web Hosting. Like a $5 pepperoni it’s a great deal but it won’t fit everyone. If you need custom database work, you’re going to advertise your site on TV, you have a lot of employees that need email, you need the support provided only by true business hosting, well then you need our parent company Hosting Master Internet. The great part is your account can be easily Upgraded if you start with Hippo Loco and later wish to move to professional hosting with Hosting Master Internet.

Another great detail is that Hippo Loco does not do “cpu throttling” as do other pizza hosts like Go Pizza and Blue Pizza. Cpu throttling is limiting the power of the processor hosting your website so that it is limited in it’s ability to respond to your guests. Imagine there was no limit, the more guests connecting to your website, the more guests getting in to view your products and services. With cpu throttling the more of your guests trying to get in will cause your website response to slow down and eventually not let anyone to view the website. Why would a hosting provider want to do such a thing? All web hosts pay for the traffic that comes through, the more guests you get means the less clients we can sell websites to. HOWEVER Hippo Loco has a different theory, we believe as your business becomes more serious to you, you will be more likely to be concerned with your hosting and upgrade to Full Service with Hosting Master Internet, our parent company. But we will not throttle our cpus, seriously, what benefit do we have to limiting your success?